Aaron Giddens

by Aaron
Aaron Giddens
NicknamesC-Rays, Smurf
Favorite playerEvan Longoria
Watched MLB Since2006 World Series
Other favorite teamsMets, Rockies, Twins, Marlins
Twitter handle@TrueCRaysball External link
First Rays game watchedApril 15, 2008
vs. Yankees External link
Preferred position to playShortstop
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Hey all, my name is Aaron. I'm the Owner, Founder and head writer here at BRaysball Talk. I post on Twitter as @TrueCRaysball where I do live tweeting during Rays games. I am a member of the so-called "Rays Twitter Family". I live in Polk County, Florida. I watch the Rays intently where I am sometimes overly optimistic. I really don't have any qualifications other than I'm a die-hard baseball fan.

I began watching baseball in general in 2006 with the World Series, that was my first real taste of the sport I have come to love (for the record I cheered for the Tigers that year). Then the next year at the '07 World Series I watched again where I cheered the Rockies. It was after the Rockies lost that I discovered I like baseball and became a fan, and as the then-Devil Rays were the local team I chose them to be my team. Little did I know I was about to watch my newly chosen team go from being the door step of baseball to the American League Champions, though at the time I was so naive to the workings of baseball I didn't know how special that was. As it was my first season watching regular season baseball I didn't watch much of the regular season. But come the playoffs I watched every game intently. After we lost Game 5 of the World Series that year I was bitter and pissed, claiming the umps were payed off by the Phills. Looking back now, I don't think that but I do think that we were ripped off as well as choking.

In 2009, I really got in to it, I had spent the entire off-season researching the sport so I would know more about it (thought I still don't get what the infield fly rule is). I had hope in 2009 that we would make it all the way this time, instead I watched the 2009 playoffs as a bystander. And cheered the hated Yankees in the World Series as I hated the Phillies more at the time. So it was another off season.

The next season, in 2010, I was worried and optimistic. We had what was thought to be out last chance for years to do it all with so many players leaving that coming off season. We finally had a real closer. Y'all remember MFIKY right? We barely won the AL East over the Yankees to claim out second AL East title in 3 years. I was so proud. But alas, we lost in the LDS round to the eventual American League Champions, the Texas Rangers. Man did our offense choke.

In 2011, we lost so many, I was depressed and worried we'd return to the cellar. However the boy delivered a playoff berth and some of the most exciting games I've ever seen, reminding me again why I love baseball.

In 2012, my optimism faded away some as frustration with the offense set in, but I still love my Rays.

I will use this blog to relay my thoughts on games, roster moves, as well as things off the field like the new stadium fight. So feel free to watch the Rays through my point of view and chime in on what you think. God bless.

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