Oct 27, 2014

Was the David Price trade meant to hurt the Rays?

That would make one heck of a national headline if true, wouldn't it? But let's think about this. Back when David Price was traded, the Rays were in the midst of a comeback from their slow start to the season were closing in on a .500 record. We were very much still in the race. And then BOOM! David Price was gone. The rest of season, as we know, was down hill from there. The Rays did manage to hit .500 but never above it and finished 8 games under .500 with a record of 77-85, good bad enough for 4th place in the AL East.

The immediate reaction to the trade was of shock and awe. Especially with the initially perceived small return. Many writers blamed it on them holding on to David for too long. But that reasoning never did sit well with me. Now with Andrew and Joe gone, I can't but wonder in passing, "was that trade meant to hurt the Rays?"

It only seems sorta logical to me. Let's face it, that's three very huge cogs in the Tampa Bay baseball machine gone within four months. And if Matt Silverman can't bounce the team back like we expect, it could be the death blows to baseball in Tampa Bay.

The conspiracy theory gained traction this afternoon with rumors that the Rays had talks with Montreal. Though the Rays deny it. And I don't know if to believe it, though I want to. The Montreal rumors have gone on for years, and Rays management has always stated they intend to stay in Tampa Bay.

But what if this was the first three moves that indicate the Rays have given up on Tampa Bay and are trying to move? What if?

Do I believe this conspiracy theory I have wrote here? No. Not really. But it is something to ponder. The Rays season was recovering like it had in past seasons, only to be derailed by the trade. It didn't seem like a smart trade to me at the time, and it still doesn't. Even in spite of Smyly doing better than Price the rest of the season.

Your team was in the middle of a good push and you mess with their heads by trading away their ace? One of the most liked guys in the locker room, and you trade him? That doesn't seem like smart Rays baseball to me. Sure, the Rays would have never been able to pay David. But he was there and the team was winning. Why would you mess with that unless you were trying to hurt the team? I wager his worth would have been the same come the offseason.

Now the Rays have Cobb, Silverman and no manager amongst swirling rumors they're talking to Montreal. Something about this just doesn't sit right with me. I could be wrong, and I hope I am. But we've been on the brink of baseball not working on Tampa Bay for a while, what if the Rays have given up?

Like I said, I hope I'm wrong. But it's something to think about going forward.


  1. This is nuts. The Rays burned hot for awhile and made up almost no ground on the Orioles in all that time. We also had something like 6 teams in front of us for the 2nd wildcard. The hot streak was already starting to fizzle when Price was traded. As for Andrew? He just timed things right to get the huge payday he deserved. No front office tells the manager more than 20 minutes before they tell the players that they're being sold, moving, or whatever. Maddon may have made a sketchy deal with another team for a lot of money and bolted. There's no conspiracy.

  2. You could very well be right, Steve. Like I said, I don't believe the conspiracy exists, but it is something to consider.


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