Joe Maddon to Manage Cubs in 2015

The latest info that sends Joe Maddon to the north side of Chicago for 2015.

Andrew Friedman leaves for the Dodgers

It's the end of an era in Tampa Bay. What does the future hold?

2015 Rays Schedule released

We disect the 2015 Rays schedule.

Mar 31, 2014

Opening Day!

With it being Opening Day, I thought I'd put my artistic side to work and write a little poem in celebration of the new season. Here it is.

Mar 20, 2014

Evan Longoria's daughter is 13 months old

In a bit of lightheartedness this late afternoon, I thought I'd point out that Evan Longoria and Jaime Edmondson's daughter Elle is 13 months old as of today. She was born February 20, 2013. The proud father sports his daughter's image as his profile picture on Twitter.

Now I hope you all will join me in a rousing edition of "D'aww".