Feb 21, 2014

Rays left off Best Offseason list by MLBN host

Host of MLB Network's Clubhouse Confidential (a show dedicated to the "thinking fan", or sabermetrics) Brian Kenny in his opening segment "High Heat" listed the teams he thinks had the best offseason Tuesday evening. The Rays were notably absent from the list, which named the Top 8 and goes:

  • #8 Atlanta Braves - Kenny noted their extensions for players they already have, like Kimbrel.
  • #7 Kansas City Royals - He noted they signed Omar Infante and traded Will Smith for Norichika Aoki.
  • #6 Chicago White Sox - He said he applauded the additions of Eaton, Abreu and Davidson.
  • #5 St. Louis Cardinals - He praised the additions of Peralta and Bourjos.
  • #4 New York Yankees - He praised letting Cano walk and signing McCann, Ellsbury, Tanaka and Beltran.
  • #3 Texas Rangers - Noted the additions of Choo and Fielder.
  • #2 Washington Nationals - He praised the additions of Doug Fister.
  • #1 Oakland Athetics - He applauded addition of Kazmir and Gentry. Also praised the addition of bullpen pieces of Johnson, Gregerson and O'Flaherty.
After reading the list, he notes that we shouldn't pay attention to the order. That basically what we see are teams that addressed their weaknesses. He then goes in to a conversation with Sporting News baseball writer Jesse Spector, who says he likes the inclusion of the A's, Yankees, Rangers, Royals and the Cardinals, but chastised Kenny for his exclusion of the Rays. Noting the addition of Hannigan, Bell and Balfour. Also the retentions of Loney, DeJesus and Price. Saying that the "continuity" to last year's team should be a plus. Kenny fires back and take a shot for not dealing Price when his value was high. Saying his stock could go down and that it's possible his best days are behind him. Spector says it's a possibility but the Rays were right to hold him when they didn't get the deal they wanted.

And Spector is right, the Rays were right to wait for their deal, and when it didn't materialize, keep him (apparently) for one more season. I wrote last month that Rays have the chance to be great with Price, I still believe that.

What do you think, should the Rays have traded Price? Did they belong on Kenny's list? If so, where?


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