Dec 11, 2013

MLB moves a step closer to banning home plate collisions

A collision at home plate
Varitek and Posada colliding at home plate in 2005.
Courtesy: Ray Stubblebine/Reuters
Today the MLB Rules Committee approved a ban on home plate collisions. A play that's brought us many heart stopping, memorable moments in baseball lore. The rule now gets submitted to the MLBPA for final approval. If approved the rule will be in place for 2014. The players are expected to approve the rule. However, the article also notes that the "MLB would be able to unilaterally implement it in 2015." Seemingly making the change inevitable.

Here's what the article states about how the rule would be written.
The rule has yet to be formally defined or drafted, but the upshot of all of this will be that base runners will be required to slide into home plate, not initiate contact with the catcher. Likewise, catchers will not be able to block home plate. Rather, they must tag runners — and allow runners a path to the plate — just as any other fielder does at any other base. Players who violate the collision rules will be subject to discipline in all likelihood, though exact sanctions will be determined once the rule is finalized.

As expected, by me at least, the reaction is mixed among the fans. Though it seems leans towards a negative reaction. Here are a few reactions I found on Twitter. I must warn you though, some of the language could be considered NSFW.

And I did find one player reacting to the rule change on his Twitter. Here's Josh Reddick (Athletics, OF) reacting.

Now as for me. I think this couldn't be more ridiculous. I mean, don't get me wrong. I want to cut down on concussions and injuries like Buster Posey suffered as much as anyone. But do we really have to fundamentally change the game in this way? You're eliminating one of the most exciting plays in baseball! *headdesk* I guess the money really in more important than the game. Can't have millionaires getting hurt doing their job, can we?


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