Nov 10, 2013

PHOTOS: What would the Rays look like in the NFL?

I want to start out by saying this is just for fun. This is not real, nor is it any where close to becoming real. But sometimes it just fun to say "What if?" I believe this is one of those times.

An internet forum I frequent a lot is the Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community. I use the forum quite frequently to build the look of this site. Also on said forum, they make a lot of "just for fun" concepts. Over the years I've seen many redesigns of the Rays uniform, but this might be the most interesting. This afternoon I was looking at one of the threads, this one titled "MLB-NFL Crossover". A user there by the username of "jbslinky77" transposed all 30 MLB teams uniforms and colors on to an NFL uniform.

Many are very well done, so if you have the time, I suggest you go look at the thread, but the one I loved the most, and yes, homer-ism incoming, was the Rays uni. So how would the Rays look if they were in the NFL? Well, according to this concept, this is it.

Now note, that the navy jersey is the home, and the white jersey is away. Also note that on the sleeves and pants of the away jersey are the almost forgotten "BRayser" pattern. (By the way, while I'm mentioning it, why has the BRayser pattern become nearly forgotten? It was so unique to our culture, I was hoping it'd stick around.)

Larger versions of the uniforms can be found here --> HOME | AWAY

So, what do you think?


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