Nov 6, 2013

Keith Olbermann names Myers "worst person" for his hair

I don't even know why I'm talking about this. Wednesday night on ESPN2, Keith Olbermann did his "Worst Persons" segment from his days on MSNBC, except instead of being political it was all sports related. In it, he named Wil Myers the "worst person in the sports world" for his hair in his interview after being named the Players Choice AL Rookie of the Year Monday night on MLB Network.

Here's the clip. I suggest skipping forward to about 3:48, 'lest ye be bored.

First, WHY?! Why is his hair even that big of a news item?! So his hair looked bad, so what?

Next, why does it garner him the "worst person" label from Keith Olbermann? Less than minute after saying he's not a bully no less!

Wanna have fun with it and give him a few ribbings? Fine. But to call him the worst person over it? Apparently Keith is not paying attention to the Dolphins.

Keith, I said this when you were at MSNBC and I'm gonna say it again. You're an idiot and a hypocrite. Shut up.

(h/t to Rays Index)


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