Oct 12, 2013

CSNNE's Michael Holley: "No, [Maddon] is not a great manager."

by Aaron Giddens
Thursday night on Comcast SportsNet Northeast's show "Uno Sports Tonight", host Michael Felger along with co-host Michael Holley and Boston Herald's Red Sox beat writer Michael Silverman were discussing the last two games of the 2013 ALDS between the Red Sox and the Rays, specifically whether Farrell was a big concern after he supposedly "blew" game 3 when this happened.

Um, WHAT?!

First, let's take a step back and investigate. Who is Michael Holley? Well, according to his Wikipedia article, he is an employee of Comcast SportsNet Northeast who has "formerly [written] columns for the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, The Plain Dealer, and Akron Beacon Journal." He's also written three books about the New England Patriots of the NFL and one book about the "Sawks". In short, he's a talking head who's never played a minute of baseball and it isn't even his main sport of focus.

Now back to what he said. Let's get some quotes going here. By the way, we'll be focusing on the comments made from 0:30 to 1:57.

Felger: [Farrell] butchered game 3. He butchered game 3 and I think that in the last round...Maddon was the better manager. It wasn't enough to make a difference in the series. *cut off by Holley*

Holley: Oh, stop it! Better manager?! If you want to say John Ferrell butchered game 3, what did Joe Maddon do with game 4? Why did he take Matt Moore out of the game? 'Let me go through my entire staff.'

(Felger tries to talk but continues to be cut off by Holley)

Holley: What are you talking about?

Um, Holley, it's called "playing match-ups". Something Joe Maddon does ALL. THE. TIME. With an ~98% success rate I might add.

Felger: Maddon did a great job in game 4.

Well, at least someone here knows what they're talking about.

Silverman: Maddon's a great manager, Farrell did.. (cut off by Holley)

Holley: No, he is not.

Silverman: Yes, he is.

Holley: He's not a great manager.

Silverman: Why? He's done so much with so little.

Holley: You know what his home record is in his last seven home playoff games is? 1-6.

OBJECTION! Relevance?! Seriously, what relevance does this factoid have to the 2013 ALDS and who was the better manager in it? The Rays went 1-1 in the 2013 ALDS at home. That is the only record relevant to the debate.

Holley: What have they won?

As of this article's date of authorship (October 12, 2013), what has Farrell won as Manager that Maddon hasn't?

Holley: I am so tired of thi-. Don't get me started. I know we're playing a game of "Take Your Pick". Don't get me started on Tampa and the cute little story and the cuddly little Tampa Bay Rays. I can't stand their story. I hate their story more than I hate their team.

Glad we didn't get you started. Also, I guess it's not true after all. Not everyone likes an underdog.

Holley: Don't let the suit fool you, I'm bitter as hell.

Yes. Yes, you are. You sound like the stereotypical, know-it-all, bitter Boston sports fan who actually knows nothing. A prime example why a lot of other sports fans hate Boston sports fans. To say the least, you sound like an idiot spouting off at the mouth.

Maddon is a bad manager? Then why has he won the American League Manager of the Year award twice in the past six years? If Maddon is so bad, why has his team won 90+ games five times in the past six years? Why does a team with a payroll a fraction of your beloved Sox payroll consistently kick their butts, win 90+ games and go to the playoffs?

In the end you sound like a bitter and jealous Boston sports fan who had no place on a sports talk show where grown-ups talk about baseball seriously. I mean, David Schultz acted more professional in his infamous encounter with John Stossel than you acted here. You just need to get over yourself and learn something about baseball, because you obviously know nothing about the game or the people you "attempt" to criticize.

I'm done with you and will no longer pay any attention to you. The only solace I take in this is that there are actually Red Sox fans that have earned my respect. But you, after that, you likely never will. Good day, Sir!


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