Mar 18, 2013

Time to shut Rodney down in the WBC

by Aaron Giddens
I know that seems a little harsh, especially with him representing his country. But it's necessary. The Rays are counting on Rodney this season to lock down that closer role in a similar manner to 2012. As Cork Gaines points out, he's already at 8.1 IP this spring. He pitched 7.1 IP all of last spring. He's already above that.

What makes this more concerning is that he's in the care of Yankees bench coach Tony Pena. I'm not one usually for conspiracies. But this one is just too obvious to ignore. The Yankees would benefit so much from an overworked Rodney.

No more. It's just time for the Rays, the people who actually pay him a paycheck, to step in, put their foot down and say "enough is enough" and shut him down. I don't know if it's possible, but maybe even end his time in San Francisco early and get him back to Port Charlotte. Essentially, enough is enough, shut him down.


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