Feb 1, 2013

Local Rays fan finalist for MLB Fan Cave

by Aaron Giddens
One of our partners in Rodney's Archery Club, Stephanie Katz, is a finalist for the 2013 MLB Fan Cave. And she needs your help to reach it. She needs your vote on MLBFanCave.com to reach NYC.

The MLB Fan Cave, for those that don't know, is a location located at 4th St & Broadway in New York, New York where (as of last season) 9 "cave dwellers" live there and attempt to watch every single game of the season. Throughout the year, various players and artists and bands stop by the Fan Cave. The bands and artists even put on concerts.

Miss Katz, also known as @SkittyKatz on Twitter, become known to Rays fans everywhere when she distributed a picture of Luke Scott's face photoshopped on to Wolverine last season. The team even hung it in the dugout at one point. She's a member of the Rays Twitter Family and tweets live during Rays games. She owns a lot of Rays apparel and memorabilia.

Other than baseball, she enjoys Call of Duty and has an Xbox.

Can we help a Rays fan make it to the Fan Cave? Vote often!


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