Jan 10, 2013

The Rays NEED Morse

by Aaron Giddens
Miek Morse
Mike Morse
Courtesy: Reuters via ibtimes.com
Let that sink in. yes, in my opinion, the Rays need Morse. Why? Simply put I believe to be "that one big bat" the Rays are always after. The problem is what to give up for him and what would he play since he's reportedly staunchly opposed to being an everyday DH.

I say put him at first. Yes, the Rays signed James Loney this offseason, however I never really liked the signing. You're replacing a guy with power and a gold glove in Pena with a guy who while he has a good glove, has no power. Granted, he's a great "get on base" guy. But we need power to back up Longo (and Joyce when he's in a good run) and Loney is not that guy. It's the area that Andrew has thus far neglected this offseason.

So in all honesty I believe get Morse with the loss of a minor league starter, put him at first and make Loney the back up first baseman to Morse. I believe Loney is better used as PH anyway. That guy when you need someone to get on base in the 9th inning, he's there.

Morse is just too good to let go. I guarantee you, it will haunt us if Morse slips through the cracks.


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