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2015 Rays Schedule released

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Jan 28, 2013

Reap the rewards with no effort? Really, Tampa Bay?

by Aaron Giddens

The "'No.' Guy" meme
So I was reading this article by Joe Henderson of this afternoon, and mid-way through it I dismissed the article and went down to the comment section. I read the typical "Don't make the tax payers pay one cent for a new stadium" comments.

This aggravates the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of me. You really want to reap all the rewards that comes with having a Major League Baseball team in your area without putting any effort/money in to help that team succeed? Really?

Jan 23, 2013

Economist: Rays need new Stadium in Downtown Tampa

by Aaron Giddens
Rendering of the proposed Carillon ballpark
Rendering of the proposed Carillon ballpark
So, we're about to enter the 2013 season. After this year there will be 13 years left on the contract agreement between the Rays and St. Pete. But as is well accepted as fact, the likely hood of that full contract panning out is becoming smaller by the day as this stalemate continues.

What I've wondered for a while now is what does an expert economist think about this situation? Luckily that's what Stephen Nohlgren of the Tampa Bay Times provided just today in an interview with "Smith College professor Andrew Zimbalist, one of America's pre-eminent sports economists."

Jan 21, 2013

PHOTO: Price accepts Cy Young Award

by Aaron Giddens
David Price was in NYC this past weekend to accept his Cy Young award. Marc Topkin provides us a picture of Price with his award. He received the picture from the Price family.

Price with his Award

Congrats once again to Price.

Jan 20, 2013

Winner of the 2013 RAC T-Shirt vote is....

by Aaron Giddens
It was a quick couple days to vote but the result is resounding. You have chosen this design as the T-Shirt design:

Choice B

Ordering is still happening, click here to go to the ordering information. Thanks for voting.

Jan 19, 2013

BRaysball Talk and Rodney's Archery Club team up

by Aaron Giddens
I am pleased to announce that BRaysball Talk has become the official blog partner of Rodney's Archery Club. As such, our blog services and message boards (or forums, if you prefer) are at the club's disposal. We look forward to this partnership and the positives we bring to each other.

Be sure to join our forums and talk with us by clicking this link. And also be sure to like and follow BRaysball Talk on Facebook and Twitter respectively and you can also follow Rodney's Archery Club on Twitter at this link.

Welcome to the BRaysball Talk family, RAC!

Jan 16, 2013

Extend David Price, no matter the cost

by @MandaGator
David Price
David Price
Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr
The Rays very budget conscious philosophy is one that frustrates fans while simultaneously inspiring respect. They respect a buck & want to use them wisely, just like you & me. For a while now we Rays fans have been wondering if our front office would ever see someone they value enough to make a real investment in. Open an IRA? Set up a trust for the kids?? Would they give us our first lifetime Ray or would we continue to see our players mature & sold off along with a little piece of our hearts?? Our doubts were laid to rest in late 2012 with the $136.6 million, 10 year investment in Evan Longoria. Now we know they WILL do it.

Jan 15, 2013

Pick the 2013 Rodney's Archery Club t-shirt

by Aaron Giddens
Hey, Rays fans, Rodney's Archery Club need your help picking the design for their 2013 shirt. Click here to go vote. There are also ordering details available on the same page.

Ex-Rays OF BJ Upton appears on Hot Stove

by Aaron Giddens
BJ Upton
BJ Upton
Courtesy: US PRESSWIRE via Bleacher Report
BJ Upton called in this morning to MLB Network's morning talk show Hot Stove. They talked about various things from Changing uniforms to who's the biggest trash talker between him and his brother Justin (BJ says he is.)

The first interesting point came early in the interview when this was said. (A minor note, most the quotes in this article are paraphrased.)

Greg Amsinger: "BJ Upton, Atlanta Brave. How does that sound?"

BJ Upton: "Very good. ... The Rays played an important part in my career and I enjoyed my time there but sometime you have to move on. Braves were geographically closer to me growing up and I watched them a lot. I still call Tampa [the city] home."

At one point of the interview, Greg Amsinger asked BJ what he's gonna miss most about Tampa Bay. Here's what was said.

Jan 10, 2013

The Rays NEED Morse

by Aaron Giddens
Miek Morse
Mike Morse
Courtesy: Reuters via
Let that sink in. yes, in my opinion, the Rays need Morse. Why? Simply put I believe to be "that one big bat" the Rays are always after. The problem is what to give up for him and what would he play since he's reportedly staunchly opposed to being an everyday DH.

I say put him at first. Yes, the Rays signed James Loney this offseason, however I never really liked the signing. You're replacing a guy with power and a gold glove in Pena with a guy who while he has a good glove, has no power. Granted, he's a great "get on base" guy. But we need power to back up Longo (and Joyce when he's in a good run) and Loney is not that guy. It's the area that Andrew has thus far neglected this offseason.

So in all honesty I believe get Morse with the loss of a minor league starter, put him at first and make Loney the back up first baseman to Morse. I believe Loney is better used as PH anyway. That guy when you need someone to get on base in the 9th inning, he's there.

Morse is just too good to let go. I guarantee you, it will haunt us if Morse slips through the cracks.