Nov 21, 2012

Mitch Williams prediction in context

by Aaron Giddens
Most of us last night saw the following tweet from Rays radio announcer Dave Wills.

But with context the meaning of his prediction changes a little bit. So let me real quick provide said context and Mitch's justification for his AL East prediction (which goes Jays first, Yankees second, O's third, Sox fourth and Rays last.)

The predictions came at the end of a segment where the analysts Bill Ripken and, of course, Mitch Williams named who they think has the best Offense, starting rotation and bullpen. Bill Ripken said the Rays would finish second because he "likes what [the Rays are] doing." Mitch was then prompted by host Matt Yaloff to justify his predictions.

Mitch then, again as he had all segment, emphasized that "as of November 20th" this is his prediction. And his reasoning for that was that "none of the teams, save for the Blue Jays, have made any moves yet. We haven't even gotten to the Winter Meetings yet." And his final point was, "Anybody that thinks the Blue Jays are the only team that are gonna sign people is nuts. The Yankees are gonna do something, the Orioles are gonna do something. The Red Sox, the Rays; they're all gonna do something. We simply don't know what that is at this moment. But as of November 20th, the Blue Jays have the best team on paper."

Whether this clears him for the time being of hostilities is up to you. I just thought it was fair to provide the context to those that didn't see the segment. By the way, this post is not a knock on good ol' Dave Wills. You can only provide so much information in 140 characters.


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