Oct 29, 2012

Winter is back

by Aaron Giddens
Snow covered Kauffman Stadium
Snow-covered Kauffman Stadium.
Courtesy: royals.mlblogs.com
Last night the summer officially came to a close for baseball fans across North America as the San Francisco Giants won the World Series to claim their second championship in three years.

With that the 2012 season is no more. We have entered the off season and what a doosy it will be for Rays fans. This year we likely loose BJ Upton and Jeff Keppinger.

What did we as Rays fans learn this year? We learned as amazing as it is to have incredible pitching from both starters and the relief corp, it alone will not win championships. You also need consistent timely hitting. We learned that, at the moment, this team is nothing without offensive catalyst Longo. MLB learned, again, that just because you have a high payroll doesn't mean you'll win anything.

This winter will be long. SIX MONTHS until we see our boys take the field at Tropicana Field again. And there will be challenges. Andrew Friedman has his work cut out for him. He and Joe need to sit down and figure out offensive options. They need to decide if they want to bring Carlos Pena back. They need to decide the outfield for 2013. Will Luke Scott's option be picked up? Will Joel Peralta return?

These and many other questions will be out there this offseason.

The baseball season is over. For a die hard baseball fan, this is the saddest time of the year. The MLB diamond will be cold for 150 days, give or take a few.

One thing we know for certain is that baseball will return, with renewed hopes and dreams.

First pitch is only 22 weeks away. Bring it on.


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