Oct 2, 2012

A's win; Rays eliminated

by Aaron Giddens
Coco Crisp celebrates with teammates
Coco Crisp celebrates with teammates.
It's over. The Athletics won tonight in a crucial game 160 and eliminated the Rays (and Angels) from postseason contention.

Tonight, hopefully the Rays and Rays fans learned an important lesson. As meaningless as one game can sound in the context of a 162 game season, 1 loss can crush your entire hopes. The Red Sox learned that last year, we learned it this year.

If the Rays had won just 1 of those 1-run losses they would still be in this for game 161. But they didn't so come October 5th, they will be watching the playoffs from home.

There's a lot of things that could have gone different to change what happened tonight. There could have been less injuries, they're could have been less losses, the pitching could have been even better than it was (which is was pretty magnificent to begin win) but the bottom line is that the offense was stagnant through a good portion of the season without their catalyst in Longoria and they payed for it tonight.

So what can be done?

Well we have a long upcoming winter to figure that out. I maintain my advocating for a new hitting coach. I love our offense when it's hitting but it's often too stagnant to do anything meaningful consistently.

For now we all mourn what could have been this year. We celebrate what did happen this year (Price's 20 wins, BJ's 28 home runs, Rodney's miraculous season).

But the bottom line remains that the Rays come up short and we learned a hard lesson: every game counts; from April to September, they count and any loss can ultimately end your season.

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