Sep 30, 2012

What it will take to get the 2nd Wild Card spot

by Aaron Giddens
Today the Rays playoff chances took a hit, despite the win by the boys in blue. The Yankees and Orioles also won, thus eliminating the Rays from contention for the division crown and the first wild card spot leaving only the second wild card spot in play for our boys. The A's also won, making this final series even more important, if that was even possible. And finally the Angels split a double header with Texas.

For the Rays to claim that second spot, the following MUST happen:

  • The Rays will have to sweep the Orioles.
  • The A's will have to be swept by Texas.
  • The Angels will lose at least 1 to the Mariners.

So while it is possible, it so highly unlikely it's practically over. The Rays September rally will likely come up short. But stranger things have happened with this team so maybe we shouldn't count them out just yet. Baseball is unpredictable after all. So we will have to wait and see. But for now, the Rays BARELY have a pulse.


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