Sep 13, 2012

Time is of the essence, guys!

by Aaron Giddens

Rich Thompson caught in a rundown.
Rich Thompson caught in a rundown.
Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr
Well, another night, another one run loss. I'm sorry, I can't take much more of this. A couple weeks ago I thought our offensive woes were over, the lineup was producing the way it should have been all along and I thought it was inevitable that we'd catch both the Orioles and Yankees and pass them. And then the offense disappeared again. And while I'm trying to stay positive especially because it's still mid-September and there's just under 3 weeks left to play. My patience is running thin.

Sure, last night's loss was only one game, but that's now two games of an incredibly important 3-game series that's been lost. Albeit this isn't your Uncle's Orioles. This year they're actually good, but every time they beat us, especially like tonight, we're one game closer to being eliminated from playoff contention. As we sit now the team is 3 back of both the Yankees and O's for both the wild card and the division lead.

The Rays are in quite a spot.

I actually found myself raging after tonight's loss. First Alex Cobb gives away BJ's home run and then some, and then Thompson makes a bone headed move at third. Yes, Manny and Hardy made a veteran move but a even better move would have been Thompson stopping at third and not rounding the base, there was never any way he was gonna score from second there. And then to top it all off, the Farnsworth of old that every other team he's played for has come to hate made an appearance and gave up the winning walk-off run.

This team has got to stop blowing chances. This team needs to start producing at the plate again. There's only three guys producing. A team can't win like this. And then there's the errors, my gosh, the errors. I'll give it to you, the team has been way better at defense since the all-star break, but we've still had errors that have given away winnable games in the past couple of weeks. Elliot Johnson's error a week ago comes to mind.

I have every bit of faith this team has what it takes to go deep in to the postseason, if not win it all. But they need to get their crap together N-O-W! The team we've seen the past couple of night has not looked like the "fight-to-the-end" Rays we know and love. This is some team from the planet Mars or something.

If the good team shows up. We'll win, and a lot too.

Counting today, the 13th, there's 20 games left. That's still plenty of time to get it done. But there's no more time for the "it was only 1 game" excuses. It's time to start playing with a sense of urgency. Time is running short.

If they want to be in the post-season, it's time to start playing like it. If not, then lets just coast the rest of the way and hope for a better 2013. What ever happens, I'm still proud to cheer for this team even though they drive me crazy at times.

Now let's go!


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