Aug 17, 2012

One step forward, two steps back

by Aaron Giddens

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Gateway area
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Well the latest chapter in the Rays stadium saga has taken an amazingly bad turn. St. Pete agreed to discuss with CityScape, LLC about their proposal - providing the Rays stay in the dark.

The decision came down from city hall yesterday. St. Pete will hear CityScape's proposal but the company is not to talk to the Rays. Why you ask? Because the city fears that by allowing CityScape to do so "that [it] might allow the Rays to claim that the council had waived its exclusivity agreement, which currently restricts the team from dealing with any entity other than the city." said the Tampa Bay Times article on the subject which can be read here.

"That allowance," City attorney John C. Wolfe said, "would open the door for the Rays to leave the region, which he said he believes is the organization's ultimate goal."

Well isn't that special.

So, to keep the team locked in this ridiculous agreement (which I still don't understand how Naimoli signed in the first place) they won't let them talk to a company that's looking to keep the team IN St. Pete? I think the city council has lost it's logical thinking skills.

In my humble opinion, this just further proof of the selfish line of thinking that St. Pete is following when it comes to the Rays. The team belongs to the BAY AREA, not just St. Pete.

And the fact that Stuart has said he doesn't have any plans to move the team further confuses me. Albeit, he's left the door open to selling the team to someone who might, but I find that unlikely.

I just don't get it. I probably never will.


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