Jun 19, 2012

Getting sick of the stalemate, get on with it already!

by Aaron Giddens

A dark cloud over the Trop
A dark cloud over the Trop.
Courtesy: southeastroads.com
This is one of my most talked about subjects, but Rays fans should see why. And that is I don't want to lose the team.

Anyway, after a short flurry of news on the new stadium front a few weeks ago with the proposition of swapping the cruise industry in Tampa for the Rays in St. Pete it's been quiet. Again. I personally am sick of the stalemate that's been induced by Mayor Foster. How many times must people say it before he gets it?

Either work with the team, or lose them. It's really quite simple so it's amazing how he doesn't appear to get it.

What is it gonna take for the Rays and local governments to actually sit down and freaking work this problem out? How much more posturing by Foster do we have to put up with? How much longer must we live with the dark cloud over the future of this team?

The fans don't deserve this and neither does the team. There's only so much effort you can put in to an uncertain future. I don't know a true fan that wants to see this team leave. But you wouldn't know it with the stalemate.

Every sports writer and sports blogger about the Rays I know has proposed their own solution at various times. From the "move a minor league team to St. Pete" proposition from Cork Gaines to the outside-the-box fan-favorite "Isla Rays Republic" idea by our very own Amanda. Everyone I know has proposed ideas with varying levels of seriousness so it's dumbfounding how the people who actually have to solve this problem can't even come up with one idea.

It seems like St. Pete is just wanting to act tough while the Rays are trying to avoid a fight at all cost at the moment. But believe me at some point the Rays will instigate the fight for a better stadium and it will get ugly. It will make what we've seen so far look like a beautiful sunset on St. Pete Beach.

We don't have to let it get to that point though. But St. Pete will need to talk a solution out with the Rays with open minds and forget the use agreement for that to happen.

That is the only way this is gonna end nicely. But I doubt it happens. So strap in everyone, we're about to blast off for a bumpy ride.


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