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Jun 30, 2012

Hellickson leaves game

by Aaron Giddens

The injury bug continues to plague the Rays. Hellickson, who is fresh of the DL, was struck by a line drive off the bat of Fielder on the right shin. Hellickson was look at by the trainers but it was ultimately decided to play it safe and Hellickson was taken out of the game after 2.2 IP and 40 pitches thrown. J.P. Howell replaced him.

Not good news for the already ailing Rays.

[UPDATE, 8:35pm ET]: Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times is reporting that X-Rays were negative on Helly's shin. It's been diagnosed as a bruise.

This would be the best case scenario right now. We'll see how he handles his next start Thursday on the road in Cleveland.

Jun 23, 2012

A Kalas broadcaster is back in Philly for the weekend

by Aaron Giddens

As most know, Todd Kalas is the son of the late long time Phillies play-by-play man Harry Kalas. I took a moment to ask Todd on Twitter what it was like being back in Philly. This is what he said.

I hope he's having fun being in Philly like he said. He's a great man, like his father. May Harry Kalas rest in peace.

Jun 22, 2012

Thank God that nightmare is over! Hopefully...

by Aaron Giddens

Pine-Tar-Gate — Courtesy: Getty Images via
The fun stop in DC is over. Thank God. First I got to give credit where credit is due. The offense in the first game while a little spotty was exactly what I was looking for. We put up enough runs to hit that magical five run mark. The starting pitching was also good through the series, save for the first inning of game two of the series but as far as I'm concerned, that inning is irrelevant. The bullpen was also pretty good in the first two games. But that's where that flattery ends.

This was a awfully played series and a nightmare. Defensive errors nearly hand away the first game and they do hand away the latter two games. The offensive slump returned with a vengeance. Timely hitting, what's that? Yes, the two hot hitters remained hot and Pena emerged a little more but three hitters alone will not win you games.

Jun 19, 2012

Getting sick of the stalemate, get on with it already!

by Aaron Giddens

A dark cloud over the Trop
A dark cloud over the Trop.
This is one of my most talked about subjects, but Rays fans should see why. And that is I don't want to lose the team.

Anyway, after a short flurry of news on the new stadium front a few weeks ago with the proposition of swapping the cruise industry in Tampa for the Rays in St. Pete it's been quiet. Again. I personally am sick of the stalemate that's been induced by Mayor Foster. How many times must people say it before he gets it?

Either work with the team, or lose them. It's really quite simple so it's amazing how he doesn't appear to get it.

What is it gonna take for the Rays and local governments to actually sit down and freaking work this problem out? How much more posturing by Foster do we have to put up with? How much longer must we live with the dark cloud over the future of this team?

The fans don't deserve this and neither does the team. There's only so much effort you can put in to an uncertain future. I don't know a true fan that wants to see this team leave. But you wouldn't know it with the stalemate.

Jun 10, 2012

FUNNY GIF: The Austin Kearns Crawl

by Aaron Giddens

Thanks to Cork Gaines of Rays Index. Austin Kearns' "panic crawl" to try and get Jennings out at first is immortalized. Watch and laugh.

The Austin Kearns Crawl

Wait, it's missing something....

OH! I know!

Now watch and laugh with me.

Jun 6, 2012

Oh, offense, where for art thou?

by Aaron Giddens

Luke Scott after striking out against White Sox
Luke Scott after striking out against White Sox
Courtesy: Tampa Bay Times
What has happened to this team? This team went from an offensive juggernaut in April to an offensive laughing stock here in early June. Sure injuries are playing a part, especially with Longo missing, but Longo missing alone is not the whole problem. What is? I don't know, I'm just sick of putting all the blame of this team's offensive woes solely on the absence of Longo.

Where would I like to place the blame? I place it in various places but I place the main blame on the shoulders of Derek Shelton. As far as I can remember, ever since he's shown up the team's offensive has seen a lot of outages and prolonged ones at that. Remember Pat Burrell? He was a great hitter in Philly. He came to us in 2009, Shelton's first year, and Burrell's hitting just collapsed. When Burrell was released after being placed on waivers and then signed by the Giants, he went back to his old self.