May 8, 2012

Pena takes strike three to end game...or does he?

by Aaron Giddens

As much as the umpires make me mad at times, I don't like to dedicate time to their stupidity often, but I feel this warrants it. The Rays lost to the Yankees tonight 5-3 dropping their third straight. There was rain, mud, long balls and more, but what interests me though is the strike zone. In particular the strike zone used to get the the final out of the night against Carlos Pena.

The bases were loaded with two outs, Robertson was not on his game at all (if he was there wouldn't have been baserunners). Anyway, Carlos takes pitches and works the count to a 2 ball, 2 strike count. And then it happened, the final pitch was a called third strike and it ended the game and the Rays left runners on base. I immediately took to twitter and claimed the ball was outside. Don't take my word for it, look for yourself.

the final strike
Courtesy: Sun Sports via @CorkGaines

As you can see the pitch was close but it was outside, meaning it should have been ball 3 instead of strike 3. What really aggravates me is that Jim Joyce is usually such a stand-up solid umpire, but he missed one tonight.

There will always be the baseball naturalists that don't want to see technology mess with the game, I respect that but these games, even just one game can make or break a team's season (see 2011 Red Sox; if they had won one other game, game 162 would not be apart of our lore). So we need to get these calls right. Plain and simple.


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