May 14, 2012

MLB fires arbitrator who overturned Ryan Braun's suspension

by Aaron Giddens

Ryan Braun — Courtesy: Steve Paluch
The saga is back ladies and gents. Just when we thought the Ryan Braun's suspension story was over it takes another turn. As we all (should) know by now, Ryan Braun tested positive for PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), he denied it, filed an appeal, and won the appeal on a technicality.

Well now the story has taken a fishy turn. MLB has fired the neutral arbitrator that overturned his suspension.

I don't know about you, but to me, this lessened the legitimacy of the policy to me. To me is reads "If a play tests positive don't you frigging dare overturn it, you will be fired."

It also seems like MLB is more interested in firing the arbitrator rather than firing the man responsible for the technicality overturning and making sure it won't happen again.

In short, this seems like the worst possible move by MLB. Nice work, MLB. *facepalm*


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