May 26, 2012

Luke Scott beaned, should the Rays retaliate?

by Aaron Giddens

Scott held off by Saltalamacchia
Scott held off by Saltalamacchia
As we all probably know by know, Franklin Morales intentionally beaned Luke Scott in last night's 7-4 win over the Red Sox at Fenway. Whether it was retaliation for Scott's comments about Fenway or the Red Sox Nation, or other players getting beaned previously last year. What ever the reason might be, it happened.

My first instinct is to call for retaliation and bean Big Papi or Pedroia. That is my first instinct. However I think it's better we just live with the psychological games Maddon has probably initiated. Not only will that scare them out of their game but it will also save our players.

Face it, we can't avoid to lose a player from any position to suspension and/or the DL. We already have 10 there and we're on the verge of getting a few back. We're having a hard enough time winning right now without losing one of our pitchers.

The ultimate revenge for the Rays this season, I think, when we ensure the Red Sox don't make the postseason again. That is the revenge I think is best. Get revenge in the game, don't get it in a slug out.

Another thing we must face is that they are having one of their most frustrating seasons ever. While we enjoy every second of it, remember we'd be just as frustrated if we were in the same position. Heck, we've been there before. Y'all remember the Devil Rays years right? I'm not saying this justifies what they did, but it does partially explains it.

In short, let it go and let the psychological games do their job and beat them on the field in the game of baseball, not "basebrawl". That is the ultimate form of revenge.


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