Apr 9, 2012

RAYS HISTORY: One year ago, ManRam retired

by Aaron Giddens

Manny Ramirez before the temporary retirement
ManRam before the temporary retirement. — Courtesy: NBC Sports
It's now been 367 days (one extra for the leap year and one for me being one day late on the exact date) since Manny Ramirez shocked the Rays Republic when he failed a drug test and immediately retired to avoid the consequences. This left the Rays in a spot where they had to plug Johnny Damon in to the DH role that Manny was supposed to hold down.

One year later, I'm still confused and angry that Manny blew it again. That betrayal feeling is horrible. What angers me however is that he then UN-retired and is now an Oakland Athletic and serving his (reduced) suspension.

Is there no justice?


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