Apr 6, 2012

It's time....

by Aaron Giddens

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame!" (Rock version)
It's been a around 15,984,000 seconds since the Rays last took the field at Tropicana Field. In that time, we've lost players and gained new ones. We've reminisced constantly about "Game 162". We've watched our Bucs stink up the joint. We've also watched our Lighting fail to capitalize on last years momentum. But finally, after 185 days, it's time to play ball again!

The bats are ready and at the moment warm. "Complete Game" James is ready. The Hot Dogs are ready to be put on the grill. Tail gating is ready to get underway.

Today starts a fight, a 162 game fight, for October. This years Rays are primed for greatness. With our catching problem addressed (though some will still say it's unsolved) and Pena back. A new DH. A young, early Rookie of the Year favorite.

The paint on the turf is still drying. But it's time to play ball.

What can we expect from the boys in blue this year? I personally have doubts of a consistently good offense. However, don't this fact tarnish this team. They are still very good.

So suit up, boys! There's a Commissioner's Trophy to bring to sunny Tampa Bay.



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