Apr 22, 2012

Fan interferes with fly ball, apparently ejected [UPDATED]

by Aaron Giddens

[Update, 9:50pm]: Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times reports via Twitter that the fan, now identified as former NBA center Matt Geiger, was not ejected but relocated. Still don't agree, he was fine.

The moment of Interference
The moment of Interference. — Courtesy: Sun Sports via @CorkGaines
[Original story]: During today's 6-2 win over the Twins, it was in the top of the 8th and a fan interfered with a foul ball that Carlos Pena was attempting to catch. He was rightly met with boos from the crowd after words and then when he was (apparently) ejected, the crowd cheered.

I disagree with his ejection if that's what happened. The ball was out of the field of play as Rays Radio's Dave Wills points out. The ball was fair game.

However, let's remember that not all things are as they seem. There's also the (slim) possibility he was just talked to about front row etiquette then was allowed to return to his seat. Who knows? This should be something that every fan is educated in before the game starts.

In short, if was ejected, he shouldn't have been. End of story.


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