Apr 27, 2012

ESPN's Schoenfield takes notice of Rays bats

by Aaron Giddens

Rays walk it off
Rays walk it off — Courtesy: DRaysBay
In his latest blog on ESPN.com, David Schoenfield takes a look at the Rays offense and how it's surprising many so far. The bulk of the article focuses on Allen's walk off heroics yesterday against the Angels, but it also touches on the rest of the offense.

Currently fourth in the AL in runs scored, Tampa's hitting attack looks legitimate. Evan Longoria is hitting .309 with a .427 on-base percentage. Matt Joyce is proving last season's All-Star appearance wasn't a fluke with a .322/.394/.644 start. Carlos Pena is hitting .284 and drawing walks. Luke Scott is providing power from the DH slot. Add in Ben Zobrist, Desmond Jennings and B.J. Upton and you get the feeling the Rays may score some runs.

I think it's pretty telling when the Rays get compliments from ESPN, especially when the article contains no mention of our duly noted attendance woes. Which, by the way, hasn't presented itself that much except for this last series against the Angels where the most attended game was the finale with 15,417 people in attendance (Tuesday had 14,933 in attendance; Wednesday had 14,638).

I, personally, have noticed our bats have had a little more pop to them lately. Remember the game earlier this week with David Price's CG Shutout and the Rays four home runs, one being Carlos Pena's 1000th hit? I do. The important thing, obviously, is that the Rays keep the hot bats swinging.

Remember that we start a 3 game series in Dallas/Fort Worth today with the Rangers. This is the same team that has eliminated us from the playoffs two years in a row in the ALDS without hardly breaking a sweat. The Rays will need those bats over the next three days.

Let's not make Schoenfield look like a fool this time, shall we? He actually deserves to be right.


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