Apr 17, 2012

Bad strike zone irks national media, for once

by Aaron Giddens

The final strike
The final strike of yesterday's game.
Courtesy: Rays Index
The Rays are often on the bad end of it. The horribly elastic strike zones. The ones that give favorable calls to the opposing team, usually the Red Sox or Yankees. But yesterday, the Rays found themselves on the "good" side of a bad strike zone and the bad calls went their way for once. And it didn't please the national sports media.

No, the national media was in an outrage over the Cody Ross at-bat that ended the game yesterday. Was it a horrible strike zone? Absolutely. But that's not the point. The point is that the horrible strike zones are hardly ever, if ever, mentioned by the sports media when it goes the Red Sox way. Here's the official plot for the pitches in that at-bat:

Among the people mentioning it are Deadspin and Sports Grid. Our buddies from ESPN even took a non-too-subtle stab at the situation, here's the clip:

Why is this even a story? Bad calls happen in baseball, "it's part of the game". Or at least that's what we're told to shut us up when things go horribly wrong for us with the strike zone.

I have no problem with being upset with a strike zone, it's your God-given right. However, it's nothing new, and it won't be the last time. This is not a story, quit wasting our time with it. Heck it's not even worth noting in bullet points.

Get over it, Red Sox Nation. It happens.


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