Mar 20, 2012

Rays offense could sink 2012 Rays

by Aaron Giddens

Carlos Pena strikes out
Carlos Pena strikes out — Courtesy: Tampa Bay Times
Doesn't that headline scare you? It should. The Rays main problem last year was lack of offense. Sure they went on a stretch where anytime they breached the five run plateau they would win but it should worry you.

We're now a few weeks in to spring training and about 2 weeks from the regular season getting started and the Rays sit at 5-10. The Rays offense has been atrocious this spring. I said it a lot last year and this offseason, mainly on twitter, that we needed a new hitting coach. Derek Shelton ain't cutting it. And my worries seem to be continuing to be a real life nightmare.

The Rays signed Luke Scott and Carlos Pena to help bolster the Rays offense and bring more consistency. And while you can't put a lot of stock in what you see in Spring Training, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried right now.

Yes, come Opening Day they could go on a 10-game winning streak winning 5+ of those by a 5 run margin. *knock on wood* However I have doubts right now.

It's too late for this season, we're along for the ride now. But this coming offseason, if our offense doesn't show up, we need to fire Derek Shelton. I hope I'm wrong and we're raising a World Series banner in late October, but I have doubts.

Be prepared, this offense may stink 2011 style again this year.


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