Mar 2, 2012

ESPN uses picture of Rays as cover picture for expanded playoff story

by Aaron Giddens

It was announced earlier today by Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig that the 2012 postseason will feature a second wildcard in each league this season. (A few Rays fans labeled it the "Red Sox Rule".) Over on ESPN's MLB page, the cover image for the story is not the Yankees, not the Phillies or Red Sox. It's the Rays celebrating with fans after game 162 last year. Look...

Longo celebrates with the fans after game 162

We might be reading to much in to this, but could ESPN finally be starting to respect the Rays and the fans? Nah, probably not. It was probably the most convenient image to use. But still worth noting as they're not trashing the Rays or the fans for once.


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