Feb 21, 2012

NEWS CAP: Spring Training 2012 underway!

by Aaron Giddens

Spring Training 2012
Courtesy: MLB
Welcome to the first "News Cap" where I will pool information around the Majors and not just the Rays that I find interesting.

Rays arrive in Port Charlotte

Spring Training is underway down in Port Charlotte, though only pitchers and catchers have the mandatory reporting right now, they have been joined by a few members of the infield and out field crew. Reports say Longo arrived in Port Charlotte this afternoon. It's spring training, the Grapefruit League is working right now. The start to the forthcoming 2012 season is upon us.

There are a few questions left, like "What will become of Neimann and Davis with Moore ready for the bigs?" That, along with a few others, should be answered in the upcoming weeks.

Red Sox in limelight

The focus in the media this spring, as it should be any shock, is if the Red Sox can recover from that collapse. I watched Hot Stove on MLB Network last night and they spent a good chuck of time on the Red Sox and the comments by Lester and Beckett. We'll see if they back them up, I hope they don't. As for the coverage, what about the team that beat them? Can the Rays get any national media love? Apparently not.

Pujols arrives at Angels camp

Another good chunk of Hot Stove last night was devoted to King Albert arriving at Angel's camp in Arizona. Personally the oohing and ahhing over Albert a Halo's uni annoyed me, I was like "You've known he was gonna be in this uniform for 2 and a half months, why does this surprise you?" You can read more on this at angels.com.

Manny heading to Oakland

If you payed attention, you know I didn't want any team to sign Manny Ramirez. I outlined why here. However, yesterday Manny signed a minor league deal with the Oakland A's. As the article notes, he will still have to serve a 50-game suspension before he can take his first AB in an Oakland uniform. 50 games less that what he avoided by retiring when he was with the Rays.

Maddon, Friedman talk about 2012

And finally, rounding out today's "News Cap", we have video of Maddon and Friedman talking about 2012 and what to expect going forward.


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