Feb 16, 2012

Joe Maddon staying in Tampa Bay through 2015

by Aaron Giddens

Joe Maddon
Joe Maddon ~ Courtesy: Flickr
The big news of the day on Wednesday was the official formal announcement of the three year contract extension of Joe Maddon. Who could not like this deal? Joe brought us winning baseball, he brought us two AL East crowns, one AL crown and a Wild Card berth. I can't express enough how good a deal this is for the two parties involved.

But let's look at the stats. In 2005, the season before Joe took the reigns, they had AL's third-worst record of 67-95. Flash forward three seasons in to Joe's tenure to 2008, the team went 97-65 and won the AL East before going on to win the AL Championship.

Before Joe came in the team was an afterthought, the team to play if you deperately needed a win. The doorstep of baseball. Now with how Joe has transformed this team, we're a contender. As Matt Vasgersian put it last night on MLB Network's Hot Stove, we are no longer the hunter, we're the hunted.

The day will come when we eventually will have to say farewell to Joe. I hope that day is years from now. But when it does, I will be grateful to Joe. I will be one of the fans calling for his #70 jersey to be retired.

With the 2012 season looming and this contract talk behind us, it's time to get semi-serious (we don't want to loose all the fun) and win a Championship. I've talked to a few fans who said they feel that Joe thinks his job isn't done in Tampa Bay until that Commissioner's Trophy finds a home in St. Pete. I agree with them.

Now let's go win us a Championship.

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