Feb 6, 2012

Football is done, America is ready for her past time!

by Aaron Giddens

Tropicana Field in 2010
Courtesy: Flickr
A few weeks ago, we started getting pumped for Spring Training. Well the rest of the sporting world has joined us, the Super Bowl is over, football season is over and it is now time for America's past time to take the limelight.

So let us put away our cheesehead gear. Let us put away our swords, sabres and cannon fire. Let us give the Lambeau Leap a much needed summer break. Let us put away the pigskin and trade it for 34 inch wooden sticks. Let's trade those for white leather and red stitches.

It's time for baseball, in just 2 short weeks pitchers and catchers report to Port Charlotte. It will begin a new grind to the fall classic, hopefully one that has the Rays where they should have been in 2008: World Champs.

Football is done, Baseball is ready to return. The hot stove has been fun. But I'm ready for my double plays, my triple plays, my infield fly rule (what ever it is). I'm ready for hotdogs grilling at the ballpark as the boys in blue fight the enemy in red socks or pinstripes.

It's time to PLAY BALL! Are you ready?


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