Feb 10, 2012

CONTEST: Win a player signed Rays hat!! #RaysFlashChant

by @MandaGator

MandaGator and Briggy
If you're reading this chances are you are VERY aware that the Tampa Bay Rays Fan Fest (#RaysFF) is only one week away! This is when the Rays give back to fans, make themselves accessible, share tales of their experiences and generally make merry with fans all while raising money for community projects! Chances also are, you Tweet the #Rays, making you part of the #RaysTwitFam.

The Rays have planned a vast amount of activities to celebrate US, the fans! So shouldn't we do the polite thing and give them a big THANK YOU back during the event?? How could we go about doing so in a manner that doesn't interfere with our places in autograph lines or watching the kiddies running bases?

I propose the #RaysTwitFam show our appreciation by way of a Flash Chant (#RaysFlashChant)! Think flash mob but instead of gathering in a concentrated area, we make our ruckus from whatever our position in the Trop at the top of the hour, every hour beginning at 11am.

Maybe start with 3 rounds of "Tampa" ~ "Bay" followed by a round of "FEEL THE HEAT RAYS!" concluding with cowbells gone crazy!!

I dunno, is it a crazy idea? How can it be improved? Would you show YOUR Rays love by joining in??

Leave feedback below and one lucky random commenter will win a Rays hat signed by shortstop Reid Brignac (@ReidBrignac) during the What Women Want Expo held at Raymond James Stadium last fall. OF COURSE there is a catch, you'll have to meet me at #RaysFF to get it!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER AND RULES: This contest is run by Amanda (aka @MandaGator) and Amanda alone. She alone is responsible for fulling the duties of presenting the winner with the prize, a signed hat by Reid Brignac. This contest is not endorsed by the Tampa Bay Rays or Major League Baseball. Comments are eligible through 2/16/2012 at 11:59:59pm ET. This contest does have the official endorsement of BRaysball Talk. The winner will be announced by @MandaGator through the BRaysball Talk twitter account and facebook page on 2/17/2012 at 7pm ET.


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