Jan 5, 2012

Trade for Trumbo?

by Aaron Giddens

Jeff NeimannMark TrumboWade Davis
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One of the many moves the Rays have yet to make this off season is sign, trade for or name a new first baseman. I saw a few days ago a national writer suggest the Rays should trade of their six major league ready starting pitchers to the Angels for Trumbo who is now destined for the bench or minors now that they have a 10 year deal with Pujols.

This got me wondering if the fans would be favorable towards this idea. So we posed the question on Twitter and Facebook. We asked if they would be willing to part with Davis or Neimann to get Trumbo. These are the responses we got (more will be added as they come in, be sure to check back):

I personally like the trade idea and hope to see it done. This guy finished 2nd in AL Rookie of the Year voting this past year and is a star on the rise, we could sure use him.


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