Jan 18, 2012

Time to get pumped

by Aaron Giddens

It's January. It's 4 weeks 'til spring training. 4 weeks 'til we start the baseball season cycle again. I think it's safe to say that Rays' and their fans' expectations have never been higher. Despite the gloomy stadium situation, we have a magical 2011 season to follow up.

Some fan favorites are gone. Some new, sure-to-be fan favorites are here now. And some already hated players are here now too (yes, I'm looking at you Rodney). But with those sunny days in Port Charlotte come renewal.

Renewal of hopes. Renewal of dreams. This could not be more relevant for the Rays this year. With the Red Sox reeling and the Yankees still not as strong as usual, now is the time to capitalize. But don't underestimate the Orioles and Blue Jays who would obviously love to play spoiler.

Rays have a solid starting rotation. Rays have a solid offense, that there still solidifying, looking for one more bat. There are a few questions still, but don't let that stop the euphoria of the upcoming baseball season.

Baseball is 4 weeks away. Just 4.

But before we officially start looking to 2012. Let's take one last look at the final night of the 2011 regular season.

Can baseball top that night? Can the Rays make it back to the World Series and possibly win it all?

The path to find those answers begins in 4 weeks. Let's go!


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