Jan 4, 2012

Rays sign Fernando Rodney....wait, what?

by Aaron Giddens

Fernando Rodney
Courtesy: Flickr
Today the Rays announced the signing of RHP Fernando Rodney to a 1 year $1.75 million dollar deal with a club option worth $2.5 million with a $250k buyout. Either way the deal is worth at least $2 million.

I'm all confused. Why would the Rays sign this guy? And I know the Rays have done this before and it's worked out unbelievably good. But I just don't have any confidence in this signing and looking at his stats for last year and Angels fans' reactions, it not hard to see why.

In 32.0 IP last year he and his crooked hat posted a 4.50 ERA with a 3-5 record and blowing 4 saves in 7 opportunities. (More stats here.) While that's not remarkably bad, it's still easy enough to see why Angels fans acted like the world is ending every time he entered the game last year.

This signing confuses me and makes me want to reach for the Tums, Pepto and Mylanta all at once. Maybe I'll be proven wrong and he'll be this year's surprise like Farnsworth in 2011 and Soriano in 2010. It's a wait and see game and I've learned not to doubt the Rays front office as they rarely turn in deals that blow up in their face, but it does happen. (Remember Burrell?)

So, of course, it's a wait and see thing but I do not have any confidence in this signing. *Takes a sip of Pepto*


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