Jan 11, 2012

Damon responds to Luke deal

by Aaron Giddens

Johnny Damon
Courtesy: Flickr
We all knew Damon wanted to come back, he specifically stated so after Game 4 of the ALDS when the season had ended for the Rays. With the signing of Luke Scott he won't and he has something to say.

"It's an unhappy day," Damon texted to Mr. Topkin. "Didn't realize the DH and 1B brought the offense down. Thought we would've had an offer."

Yes, Johnny you did, you had consistent hitting and fans who loved both you and Kotch. But with Luke comes a little more power you didn't have. And that's something we need, because Longoria will not always be able to hit one out. And people like Dan Johnson won't always be waiting in the wings for a moment of glory either.

"You wonder why fans can't get involved with players," he said, "because they are here and gone."

This is something you get used to, we just don't have the money other teams have to keep bringing the fan favorites back year after year. Our only hope of something like that eventually happening, is if we get a new stadium that fans are more likely to visit in droves on a nightly basis.

Maybe Amanda's idea would do something? But first we need to get discussion actually happening next week and maybe John Romano's idea from the Tampa Bay Times has the answer of how to break the stalemate. Who knows, right?

According to Marc's article, Damon was looking to finish his career here in Tampa Bay, due to our proximity to his home in Orlando not to mention he loved the team. Needless to say, he will be finishing else where, maybe back in Kansas City where it all began for him. He did state that he would like to go in the HOF as a Royal if he gets inducted, which I think he should be.

Where ever he ends up, I have confidence he will help that team. Easy come, easy go on the fan favorites here in Tampa Bay. Good luck, Johnny!


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