Dec 17, 2011

GIBBY recap for Rays

by Aaron Giddens

This is a list of where the Rays events and players finished in voting for the GIBBY awards.

  • Jeremy Hellickson finished tied for second for the GIBBY Rookie of the Year award with the Angels' Mark Trumbo with 8.8% of the vote. Braves' Closer Craig Kimbrel wins the award.

    • Opinion: Hard to argue with 46 saves as a rookie, but how did Trumbo get second?! That's the only negative.

  • James Shields finished 3rd behind Ellsburry for GIBBY Comeback Player of the Year. James received 7.5 percent of the vote. Cardinals' Lance Berkman won the award.

    • Opinion: I never expected Shields to win, and agree with where he finished.

  • Andrew Friedman finishes last out of five for Executive of the Year with 13.4% of the vote. Cardinals' John Mozeliak wins the award.

    • Opinion: I understand he probably wouldn't win, and he didn't, but last?! Somebody's not paying attention.

  • Joe Maddon finishes third with 14.4% of the vote behind LaRussa. He loses to Kirk Gibson.

    • Opinion: I disagree completely, call me a homer, but Maddon took a team that was absolutely gutted and went on to knock off the Red Sox. Gibson was excellent but Maddon was better. Also how did LaRussa get second? Just because he won the World Series? Or is a Legendary manager? How?

  • Dan Johnson's game tying home run in game 162 wins the GIBBY for Moment of the Year with 33.7% of the vote, beating out Jeter's 3,000th hit and Mo Rivera's 602nd save.

    • Opinion: Completely agree. If you don't agree, you just don't understand how the emotion of the moment factors in.

  • Sam Fuld's diving catch in Chicago in April, which started The Legend of Sam Fuld, finished last out of five with only 8.7% of the vote. Ben Revere's catch wins.

    • Opinion: In the words of "Hawk" Harrelson on the call of Fuld's catch: "You gotta be bleeping me!" Are the voters not paying attention?! I agree there were some plays that were as good or even better, but last?! Seriously?!

  • Evan Longoria's performance in game 162 on Sept. 28th and Ben Zobrist's performance in the April 28th double header with the Twins both lose out to Derek Jeter's 3000th hit game on July 9th for single-game "Performance of the Year". Evan's day received 21.9% of the vote and finished 3rd, Zorilla's day finished fourth with 2.9% of the vote.

    • Opinion: You've gotta be kidding me. How does Jeter's day significantly help anyone but himself? Longo's day did more for his team than any of the other candidates. Sorry, the voters got this one wrong. By the way, Yankee fans, where's that "bias against the Yankees" you were complaining about when Nova lost AL Rookie of the Year?

  • Evan Longoria's walk-off home run in game 162 to send the Rays to playoffs and clinch the Wild Card wins the GIBBY for walk-off of the year. The home run received 62.6% of the vote.

    • Opinion: No disagreement here. Congrats to Longo. I want to re-live this day.

  • James Shields wasn't even among the five finalist for Starting Pitcher of the Year. Justin Verlander wins.

    • Opinion: I guess 11 complete games doesn't get you the attention it used to. Bullcrap.

In the end, the awards were largely right, there are a couple I have issue with as I outlined. But all in all, I think they were fair. Congrats to all the winners, regardless of if they're a Rays player.


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