Nov 8, 2011

VOTE: 1st Annual BRaysball Talk Play of the Year

by Aaron Giddens

So I've decided to try some interactivity with my readers here. Below are five plays that happened this past season with the Rays, and below that is a poll. You get to vote in the first annual "BRaysball Talk Play of the Year". The winning play will be displayed in the right hand widget bar until the beginning of the season. Voting will run from when this is posted til November 19th at 4:00pm ET. Have fun and remember the letter of your choice! **VOTING IS CLOSED!!! RESULTS BELOW!!**

A. Sam Fuld's walk-off triple plus error

B. Dan Johnson's game-tying home run in game 162

C. Rays' season saving triple play

D. Sam Fuld's diving grab in Chicago on April 9th

E. Evan Longoria's wild card clinching walk-off home run

'Evan Longoria's wild card clinching walk-off home run' wins


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