Nov 14, 2011

To Yankees fans, Nova wasn't robbed

by Aaron Giddens

I see a lot of Yankee fans on twitter and around the internet saying that Ivan Nova was robbed. Let's break this down real quick. We're gonna take 3 claims go claim by claim and debunk it.

***WARNING: Statistics ahead!!***

1. "Nova had a better win-loss record!"

Yes he did, but that is not the only statistic that goes in to determining a wonderful pitcher. There are other statistics like ERA, WHIP, BAA, CG, etc. that also are relevant to figuring out who's the better pitcher. Let's take a look at a couple for the 2011 regular season between Nova and Hellickson:

2011 Regular Season Statistical breakdown

Jeremy Hellickson
Ivan Nova

Further statistics for Hellickson External linkFurther statistics for Nova External link

As you can see, other than wins and losses, Hellickson led every other category between the two.

2. "This is another example of bias against the Yankees!"

There's no real way to debunk this as it's in the eye of the beholder but in general, 9 times out of 10, the bias is in favor, not against, the Yankees. Especially on ESPN. Two words: "Money talks."

3. "But Nova plays in the AL East, the most competitive division in baseball!"

Well, in case you haven't notice, Hellickson plays for the Rays, who are also in the American League East. So this claim really has no basis. Being in the AL East should and doesn't get you extra consideration. The stats talk. Nova was out pitched statistically.

So based on these facts, Ivan rightfully didn't win. As for whether he deserved fourth place, that's a different argument. But the right pitcher between the two came out on top. Get over it.


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