Nov 24, 2011


by Aaron Giddens

Taking inspiration from Cork Gaines of Rays Index, we're gonna name some of the things we here at BRaysball Talk are grateful for this Thanksgiving day.

We're thankful for...

  • ...the 2011 season. The guys had a rough start and no-so-easy year, but they pulled off a miracle to make the postseason. So regardless of the fact they didn't make it past LDS round, I'm grateful for what they did.

  • ...Sam Fuld. It was like Santa got my Christmas card last year. The guy had a season full of highlight reel worthy plays.

  • ...for the fact no one out side Tampa Bay has offered to build the Rays a stadium yet.

  • ...Joe Maddon. Thanks to him, Rays baseball knows success.

These are a few of the things we're grateful for this Thanksgiving day as Rays fans. What are you grateful for? Let us know below. And have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your day with your family. DON'T EAT TOO MUCH!! :D

Happy Thanksgiving!


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