Nov 17, 2011

MLB expanding playoffs

by Aaron Giddens

Breaking News out of the owners meetings in Milwaukee, MLB will add two teams to the playoffs, 1 extra wild card for each league. The details about whether it will be a 1-game playoff round or 3-game playoff round are still being worked out as well as when it will be implemented, but it could happen next season!

Personally, I like this move by Bud Selig and the owners. Not only does it put emphasis back on winning your division to avoid the extra round of playoffs, but it also helps other teams in the American League that are good teams but are usually shut out by the Red Sox/Yankees money show.

I don't think this will ruin the game. But that won't stop you from hearing people say it.

Bottom line here is this is, in my opinion at least, a good move to help baseball. Good work, Bud!

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