Nov 27, 2011

Jaso traded

by Aaron Giddens

And the first shot has been fired for the Rays this offseason. The Rays have sent John Jaso to the Northwest, to the Mariners, for right-handed relief pitcher Josh Lueke.

I will kinda miss Jaso, but let's not forget that he lacked a lot of the time offensively and MOST of the time defensively. So to that we say "Good riddance and good luck!" to Jaso.

As for Lueke, it appears to be one of those players that suck and the Rays are expecting to have a break out year. So we'll see if he goes the way of Burrell or the way of Farnsworth. Remember to have faith in that Rays front office. They rarely get a deal that blows up in their face recently.

And by the way, don't fret about being a catcher down. Not only is it expected that Jose Labaton start the season with the team, it is also expected that the Rays are to sign Jose Molina. Between the two the catcher position is looking much better.

What will the next move be? Only time will tell.


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