Nov 7, 2011

HOT STOVE: What I think we need

by Aaron Giddens

BRaysball Talk presents Hot Stove Talk

The Hot Stove season is underway here in Tampa Bay and around the MLB. As such the rumors have started to fly.

I just want to highlight a few things I think need tending to this off season.

First, resign Kotch and Damon. If not for these two last season the outcome would have been much different. I firmly believe we would not have cashed in on the Red Sox collapse.

The next thing of concern is the catcher position, either we have horrible defense and "good" bat in Jaso or a horrible bat and good defense in Shoppach. This cannot continue. We are too good a team to have as many bone headed errors happen behind the plate as happened last season. Hurts me a little to say that as I will miss the "Shoppachopters".

The Bullpen was solid in 2011, especially after being gutted in the previous offseason. But there is room for improvement. With Farnsworth returning along with most of 2011 bullpen, there's not much room but there is room. I would like to see a couple good relief pitchers signed. Maybe even a closer. Why? Because while Farnsworth was good in that role this past season, however, his career numbers don't suggest that will continue.

Starting pitching, I'd like to see Neimann or Davis traded for a catcher who's major league ready. With Moore obviously ready for the majors, it's time to make room for him in the starting rotation, and the two I've mention have never been dominate long enough to make an impact. So move one of them and fix a position that's desperately needs it.

As for trades I'd rather not see, those two are James Shields and BJ Upton. Despite the headaches Upton has given, he's still such an asset out there in center field. James Shields is at the top of his game and has a year left on his contract if I remember correctly. I think it would be stupid to trade either at this point in time.

There are rumblings that both Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman are being looked at by other teams. For the future of the franchise let's hope nothing comes of this. Especially after seeing this last night.

These are just some of the things I'd like to see. Do you agree? Comment below and let me know. And don't forget to vote in the poll to the right.


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