Oct 23, 2011

No one cares I guess

by Aaron Giddens

NOTE: The following article was written back on September 27th. It's just now being posted.

I've done this before, gone on a rant about the City of St. Pete and the way they treat the Rays, in fact my latest one is the most viewed article on this site. But my most heated one from nearly a year ago fits more in line with the contents of this one.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. St. Pete just doesn't care. And now I have proof. Let's take a look at one of them:

comment 1

Isn't that just interesting. The guy just screams team spirit. Maybe the Rays haters are right, maybe the St. Pete fanbase does suck, if it exists at all. Nah, he's gotta be the only one that doesn't care, right? I mean how could someone not enjoy cheering the underdog?

comment 2 and 3

Er, maybe not. Wait a minute the trop was over 50% full tonight, that MUST mean there are some fans in existence in St. Pete, I mean, not all the residents could want to harm such a community asset.

comment 4

Well, I guess it's true. Not enough people in St. Pete care. Trust me after 4 years of defending the Trop and the Rays being here it hurts to write that. Now don't get me wrong I still love the Rays and my fellow Rays Heads. It just doesn't appear there's enough of us to support baseball...in St. Pete. No, St. Pete just needs to let them go, they don't care, most of the citizens I've seen are apathetic. I'm not saying all the citizens because I know that's not true. But most I've seen, especially after today, are either apathetic towards the Rays and sports in general or would rather just spend their money elsewhere for entertainment.

I'm done fighting to save St. Pete's reputation, they just don't care. And those of you that really do I commend you. But most just don't. It's time to just move the team to Tampa where there are large number of fans willing to actually care for the team. You don't have to keep them. But you are because you're wanting to squeeze every penny out of them before their inevitable move out of the state at this rate.

It hurts me to admit that ESPN was probably right all this time. But I refuse to fully give in. I truly believe baseball can work in Tampa Bay, if they are given a stadium in a proper location in a city that cares about sports in a good economy, I think the attendance could break records, in a positive way. If this war over the Rays continues, I fear for our future.

As I said in my last article, you can't expect to reap the rewards of having a team (i.e. jobs, tourism, etc) no matter how little without putting the money in to the team.

Either you care or you don't, but if you don't I'd wager that you like having no joy in your life cause I don't see how anyone couldn't like a good day with family and friends at a sporting event.

In short, St. Pete needs to decide if they want the Rays or not, if not just release them from their lease use agreement on the Trop and let them move where people want them, in Tampa, preferably.


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