Sep 21, 2011

Thoughts following today's double header.

by Aaron Giddens

Well that was disappointing. The Rays dropped two games today they both had won in the 8th inning. The good news is that they only lost a half game. Bad news is, one, we're now closer to the end of the season, seven games left to be exact. And two, the Angels have caught the Rays.

For the remainder of the season it pretty much win or go home.

A scenario that can now play out is if the Rays win tomorrow we can get the deficit back to two. And then we need to sweep the Jays and the Yankees need to sweep the Red Sox. If that happens we can end the weekend with the lead. However, now that the Yankees have the AL East title they will probably rest regulars in preparation for the postseason.

So the Wild Card spot is still any three of ours, but the Rays need to find their bats and their pitching if they're to overcome the Sox. Time is running out. Each mutual loss just shortens the time you have to overcome the Sox. And now with the Angels well within the sights Rays need to play perfect ball.

This is all common sense stuff. But it's also fact. Hop to guys. Tick tock, tick tock.


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