Sep 2, 2011

R.I.P. 2011 Tampa Bay Rays

by Aaron Giddens

That's it, I'm calling it. Time of Death 9:46pm ET. The 2011 season is dead, the rest of this is just for fun. The Rays lost tonight to the lowly Orioles after blowing a lead. Playoff teams don't blow leads.

So what does the mean? Well, like I said this essentially means we'll play the remaining schedule without a hope for a playoff spot in my opinion. Starting pitching is falling apart here in the last week and the bullpen is just not good enough to make a good run in or for October. The offense hasn't helped. They have their hot exciting games then the very next day it's like "Ooh, a glacier."

So next year, God willing, we will hit our playoff stride once again, with another chance to outdo our 2008 season in outcome. But as for now we must just play spoiler as I would LOVE to spoil the Yankees play off hopes.

So, now I will go prep myself for a LONG off season. We need to keep a few guys that are upcoming free agents. I will outline those in a forthcoming post here on BRaysball Talk. A season recap post is due within a week of the Rays last game. BRaysball Talk will remain active during the offseason still giving opinions on Rays happenings, and I'm hoping to debut Game Reviews 2.0 in April. Have details to work out on the formula and we will try to expand to be a little more interactive over this fall and winter. So see you Tuesday for a Game review (would do one tomorrow but no TV means I can't see it) and see you in April for another run at October. GO RAYS!!


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