Sep 3, 2011

State of BRaysball Talk for 9/3/11

by Aaron Giddens

So as I said in "R.I.P. 2011 Tampa Bay Rays", I will be up-grading the blog/site to make it more interactive. This process has started.

I have changed out the comment system provided by Blogger for Intense Debate which should make things more interactive. You will now be able to use smilies, share your pics related to the Rays and the post, post related youtube videos and more. You can also reply directly to commenters. You will also be able to make comments anonymously, sign your name one time or make comments with your facebook, twitter, wordpress or intense debates account. Hopefully this will up the commenting on this website.

I'm also looking to get a custom domain for this website, hopefully I can afford shortly to register but we'll see.

I've also added a poll on the right side of the page. This will be updated every week.

A few cosmetic changes. In case you haven't noticed, or are Blind (wink, wink @ Raynaadi), I've changed the background image of the site from the BRayser pattern to a background I made in Photoshop. I've also added another ESPN widget containing the AL East standings to the right side.

Hopefully this is the first of many additions to make the site more opinion orientated, and not just my own. Stay tuned cause I will post updates every two weeks to let you know what's happening with the site's upgrades. Take care.


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