Aug 11, 2011

There is still some hope...

by Aaron Giddens

The Rays are on a hot streak, 7-3 in their last 10 games, including a recently completed sweep of the Royals. Can they keep this up?

I think they can if they can keep playing the brand of baseball they are. Small ball. Don't try to hit homeruns, if it happens, wonderful. But if not just get the dang man in.

The Rays are in New York to begin a three game set with the Bronx Bombers. The Evil Empire. We need this series if we are to revive our playoff hopes. Anything less than a sweep is disappointing, but it's not gonna be easy. They get to face Sabathia, Hughes and Garcia while in NYC.

The Rays aces are reeling. As pointed out by Cork Gaines of Rays Index, this should have been expected. Last year Price put a lot of stress on that young arm. Here's hoping he can rebound.

James Shields has been jaw-dropping awesome all year yet lately he's been struggling if ever so slightly. He got a complete game shutout a few nights ago. Maybe he's rebounding.

The bottom line is the Rays need to keep play good baseball if they are to have a miracle's hope of a playoff spot. They are 9.5 games back. For comparison sake, the leader in the American League Central has two less wins than the Rays. This is the price of playing in the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox. There still is a small hope for a playoff spot, but the Rays need to keep playing well and hope for significant losses by the Yankees and BoSox to have a shot.


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